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Sunday, October 24, 2010



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Juz Nw

Juz nw i was playing jingsaw puzzle v ywq on msn..when opening i think that was a impossible mission cz that was so confuse n hard 2 i v ywq also continued playing ,play xia play xia my eye very pain,n i click that auto arrange bt that ywq reject,so only cn continue play n join one by one..thn i felt that i v him gt a lot默契,哈哈哈哈,cz when i wan click that he also wan click that finnaly we had success!!! hahaha..i was so we 2gether finish a puzzle...first time play puzzle on msn..=)


Yesterday i hav make one horrible dream..that is that guy become my bf,bt at the bac he hav another gf..thn when i knw that.he still dunwan said sry or watever..i took his car key n first time drove n drove it far far away,thn left that car at there,cz he luv his car so much thn i came bac my home n tried 2 revenge...after that i hav woke up! when i woke up,i really think that was a truth,bt afetr awaile i realised that juz a dream...In real,i no talk 2 him..wat was this premonition giving me on this terrible dream? i dunno

Monday, October 18, 2010


u had fgt!!!! i hav tell u my past!!! bt u said a lot excuse!!! haiz..fgt thn fgt,no need 2 cover..T.T i gt saw u online in fb bt appear offline in msn...i really so hurt nw! i wanna cry out nw..really..i realised that im the person that hard 2 communicated v others..we juz knw each other nt long time bt we aldy hav a lot problems that occur..actually i gt a lot things wan 2 tell u about when i tuisyen juz nw n wanna play webcam v somethings happen so......i knw wat ur aim going 2 schl every day..nt only juz go study..i knw...i juz didnt say out...i knw that..when think about that i really felt sad..

if that time i dunno u..hw the life good nw? really regreted knw u n falling in luv v u..T.T

我很失败! evryday i also put a smile or happy face for cover my sad my friends dun think im the MOST happy person,actually NOPE!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Nw is 11.05pm..he is on9ing,juz nw he said when he come bac he will find me..nw my mind very confuse nw..dunno my msn wan put availeble or away or appear offline...i dunno y...dunno...nw i put available bt he no talk 2 mind said cal me another mind cum ..out n said dun offline,wan chat v him..@@ really drama...hahaha wan wait or slp??????? i dunno..=(


Friday, October 15, 2010


2day when go step in to the schl gate..i hav heard one song 前奏was playing..thn hear xia hear xia..think dao very familiar..n that is 我喜欢,不,我爱!!!!i wan so happy n think dao one person...wahaha...n juz nw when going tuisyen about 6 pm ..i sat my auntie car..opening ONE FM ...n thn when that nicholas said 'Next song that i wan 2 play is.....on this mind was thinking will play Hebe song ,寂寞寂寞就好 onot le....guo ran!!!! really played this song!! hahaha..that time i very excited n almost wan shout out!!! hahaha...this song is that guy cal me hear de..such a nice song!!!haha ..2day i also very happy cz i hav bought a very special bottle cz that bottle gt his name!!!!! wahaha ....very happy..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is the pics when going MidValley...=)